June 21, 2020

Let me give you a word I got from the Lord one early Sunday morning as I was coming to the church. It was an amazing word from the Lord. A young man from our church and his dad were waiting for me, and the young man got out of their truck. As soon as he said, “Hello, Pastor Don,” something leaped within me. Remember how Mary saluted Elizabeth, and Elizabeth said, “For indeed, as soon as the voice of your greeting sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy” (Luke 1:44). John the Baptist and his mother were filled with the Holy Spirit—the Holy Ghost as we would say—the Holy Spirit, from that moment. It was just a word. When the young man said something to me, the Lord gave me a word about reset. 

We have said this is a time for the church to reset—not so much that we have done something wrong. Sometimes when runners are running in a race, they are in the starting block, something happens causing them all to jump out of the starting block, and they will bring them all back, and they reset. I believe that is what is happening in this period of time. Do not miss this time period. It is for a reset and for revealing. When God moves, you will not be able to hide who you are. If you are naked, you are naked. If you are in shambles, you are in shambles. Everybody will now know it. If you are perpetrating Christianity and not really walking in it, everyone will know it. You cannot hide. This is what God has revealed to me: this time is about revealing who we are, whether we are the sons of God, or we are sons of the wicked one. It is all being revealed.

            When God said this was a time for reset, the Lord spoke very clearly that many are concerned about America. This is a time, also, for reset for America, but the country cannot reset until the Church resets. As goes the Church, so goes the nation. The nation is not going to do better than you—than us. That was an amazing revelation. All of this came in a flash. I was not looking for it. What you must understand is if you are focused on the nation, you are wrongly focused. You have to focus on being who God says we are, and if we get that right, then we will bring the nation along. If we fail to get it right, the nation will be judged powerfully, as in justly and righteously, which means we will not have the nation we have had before. That is what the Lord revealed to me.