He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved (Psalm 62:2).

Jesus Christ is indispensable to our health, both spiritual and natural. Committing our lives to Him is the best decision we will ever make, for in Him all things are held together. If we do not build on a good or solid foundation, our building will fall. Therefore, build your house upon the Rock! Jesus Christ, The Logos, The Divine Expression says to us, “Whoever comes to Me, and hears My sayings [logos] and does them, I will show you whom he is like: He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house, and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock. But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently; and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was great (Luke 6:47-49).” In this passage, Christ tells us that if we build our life outside of Him, it will not be on what is enduring, instead our life will be built on what is passing away and is not sustaining. Christ is eternal! He alone is the solid foundation! The world is not! How strong your house is depends on your foundation! If Jesus is your foundation, you will live a good and solidly successful life! The Psalmist says, “He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved (Psalm 62:2).”

Only a house that is built upon the Rock (Jesus Christ) can withstand the storms and trials of life. We can expect Godly results in our lives when we are constructed on Jesus Christ, the solid Rock! He brings protection, a sense of safety, security, and wellbeing. He is for us–spiritual provision as well as natural. Our food clothing and shelter come from Him. The Psalmist says He is our shelter (Psalm 61:3). Christ Himself says, He is our food, our bread (John 6:51). Jesus is also concerned about our personal improvement. He daily loads us with benefits! He brings daily improvement to our lives as the storms of life are constantly beating against us with destructive intent, but in Christ, those intentions against us are not realized! Every attempt against you will fail because of your position upon the Rock!